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Simext Web based Supply Chain Management / SCM software, Warehouse Management / WMS solution, Logistics / 3PL, Inventory Control, end to end Retail, Manufacturing Software, Dynamic Production Planning, POS system
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WMS: Warehouse Management

3PL: Third Party Logistics

Inventory Tracking

SCM: End to End Supply Chain

PPC / Production Planning & Mfg.

Web based ERP

Retail Management

Retail POS / Billing

CRM: Customer Relationship

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Metropolis Wellness Products Pvt. Ltd.

International Maritime and Aviation LLC(IMA Group)

ASK Loggistics Services (India) Pvt. Ltd.

Hyundai Construction Equipment (HCEIPL) (Subsidiary of HHI, Korea)

PMD Gluman

Bharati Shipyard Limited

Noble Corporation Ltd.

Sahara India Group Companies

Hino Motors (Toyota Group, Japan)

KunjBihari Developers (Reliance ADA Group)

Mont Carmel

City Corner

Kolorrol Energy

JOP Overseas Ltd.

Padama Padamavati Opticals

Container Corporation

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Simext >> Introduction

Simext is a company that specializes in

    "Simplifying the Supply Chain"

Simext BizInt WMS ( Warehouse Management System ),   Simext BizInt SCM ( Supply Chain Management ) Simext BizInt Manufacturing ( MES ),   Simext BizInt Enterprise  - ERP, SCM, WMS, MES, Retail, POS, CRM Simext BizInt Retail POS / Billing ( Point of Sale System ) Simext BizInt Enterprise - ERP, SCM, WMS, MES, Retail, POS, CRM Simext BizInt CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ) Simext BizInt End to End Retail Management System ,   Retail POS / Billing( Point of Sale System ) Simext BizInt Inventory Control, WMS ( Warehouse Management System ),   SCM ( Supply Chain Management ) Simext BizInt 3PL System ( Third Party Logistics System ),   SCM ( Supply Chain Management )

(Click on the diagram components for specific solution details)


Simext, established 14 years back in 2005, serves clients globally and pan-India.

Our   on Cloud - Web & Mobile based - SCM Software Solutions   cater to   end-to-end Integrated   requirements of Supply Chain, spanning

        Warehousing / WMS software,  3PL,  Logistics,  Inventory Management System and Control, 

        Transportation Management System / TMS,  Shipping,  Procurement / Purchase,  Vendor mgmt.,

        Manufacturing Execution System / MES,  Dynamic Production Planning and Scheduling, ERP

        Retail Management (end to end),  Customer Relationship / CRM.

Web and Mobile Based end to end SCM system Supply Chain Management solution Phase wise implementation Integration with SAP / ERP / Microsoft Navision / Microsoft Dynamics / Oracle Apps

End to end
Supply Chain Management

Phase-wise implementation

Integration with ERP (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.)

Mobile / Wireless / Handheld / PDA  support SAAS Subscription

Mobile / Wireless / Handheld / PDA support

Pay as you use Monthly (SaaS) or install in your Servers

  • Ready-to-use solutions:  It is an   off the shelf / out of the box   system that meets one's needs and requires configurations / customizations, only if needed

  • Phase-wise implementation - Modular approach gives flexibility to   opt for desired features now; and easily upgrade   to other modules as and when required.
  • Easy to use - The software interface being user friendly, drives adoption across the organization with minimal training.
  • ERP / SAP ready - It  compliments  your existing or planned ERP/SAP investment;   easy integration with ERPs (ready adapters   for SAP / Oracle / Microsoft, etc.)

  • Mobile / Wireless / Handheld / PDA - Execute transactions and view reports on mobile / wireless devices; and configure receiving SMS alerts / notifications as per need.

  • Easy to deploy - One has the option to   "Pay as you use" (SaaS) option i.e. Subscribe monthly to what you need    OR    "Install in your servers" (BTF)
  • Offline Synchronization of data: System can be operated independently / offline at various (remote) outlets and warehouse terminals, which is securely replicated / synchronized with the "main system" in the back office facilitating secure data synchronization of all the locations.
  • A brief of Automation Solutions
    • Supply Chain Consulting

      Logistics Consulting, Supply Chain Management Consulting - SCM Consultant

      Supply Chain Consulting has always been a key (ignored) ingredient to a successful and seamless business. Consulting can create key differentiators vis-a-vis your competition. Though in everyone's mind, it plays an important role, however on ground, it is often ignored.

      Supply Chain Consulting needs to be backed up by tools / software / on ground implementation. One should track the effectiveness of the strategies that comes out during consulting through monthly reviews / improvements. This can go a long way to give an edge to your company.

      Simext provides consultancy across the supply chain - Be it to increase efficiency of Warehouse Operations, to save cost in Logistics and Transportation, to create easy to follow steps for unorganized processes being followed on the ground, etc. Fresh viewpoints that are impartial and independent; and free from influences.
    • Supply Chain Management

      SCM is one of the key aspects to consider in any organization.
    • WMS - Web based Warehouse Management System

      Warehousing in Supply Chain Management - WMS Software, WMS System
      Warehouse Software - Warehouse Management Software

      Warehousing is one of the key components in Supply Chain Management. Managing  Warehouse operations efficiently will ensure smooth deliveries to the end customer.

      An efficient warehouse gives a competitive edge over competition, for business growth.
      Warehouse is the hub of various supply chain activities. Organizing the Inward and Outward, Pick List and Putaway, Packing and Dispatch, and bringing about other warehouse operational efficiencies can go a long way in catapulting your business to the next growth orbit.
    • WMS Inventory - Warehouse Inventory Management System

      Inventory tracking and traceability within warehouse gives more confidence in meeting sudden demands, handling complex operations, taking prompt decisions to increase both the sales and the profits [examples include  a) alert of the list of products reaching their minimum levels - to purchase on time and avoid stock out situations;   b) periodic reports of non-moving goods - to take prompt action; etc. ]
    • Inventory Management System - Inventory Control System

      Stock Management Software - Stock Inventory Software - ERP Inventory Management

      Barcode Inventory System or RFID for tracking and accuracy

      A good Inventory Management Software, combined with barcode label generation and barcode scan or RFID tags (especially during Picking / Outward ) serves as effective tools for key inventory operations, and increases the accuracy of goods delivered to end - customers
    • 3PL Software - Third Party Logistics System

      3PL companies can increase their productivity multiple fold by using a good 3PL Software, which will handle not only their warehousing needs for multiple end-customers, but also manage Tracking and Billing of VAS / Value Added Services.
    • Billing Software - Invoice Software

      GST Billing Software - GST Invoice Software - Mobile Billing Software

      A flexible Billing Software is essential for any business; and if the same flexibility is offered on the mobile devices, it enhances the mobility execution of the business.
    • TMS - Transportation Management System

      Transportation in Supply Chain - Logistics System - Logistics Software

      Transportation plays a key role, and using a good TMS software can reduce costs in each transaction - thereby impacting the bottom line / profits directly. One can do route planning (multiple drop points), find out what size of trucks / containers are required for a particular route for multiple customer shipments, and Advanced TMS can even tell you which operator would be the L1 for the suggested truck / container + route + multiple drop points.
    • ERP WMS or ERP in Warehouse

      A tool that combines ERP and WMS together can save a lot of time, and the key executives can focus their efforts on other important activities.



Services globally and pan-India (including: Mumbai (Bombay), Pune, Ahmedabad, New Delhi / NCR, Hyderabad, Bengaluru (Bangalore),  Chennai (Madras), Kolkata (Calcutta), Surat, Chandigarh, etc.).


For exploring possibilities, you may   reach us at  

or   Call us at   +91 86555 99955


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Various sectors and verticals are catered to by these automation software systems. These include logistics, 3PL, warehousing, manufacturing, retail outlets / stores / shops, restaurants, super markets, retail chains, traders / dealers, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, plastics, hi-tech, electronics, electrical, semiconductors, industrial, engineering industries, automotive / auto parts, textile / garments / apparel, energy, oil and gas, agricultural, commodities trading, heavy, equipment, printing and packaging, consulting, services industry, food and beverages, cold storage, house and furniture, health and beauty products, cold store, diamond and jewelry / jewellery, FMCG, consumer durables, non durables, packaged goods, construction building and real estate, etc. //break Simext supports an organization's effort to maximize the value of their existing infrastructure and investments. An organization may have multiple independent locations based in remote areas. Some of these might be independent outlets, warehouses, factories, dealers, C&F Agents, etc. The software facilitates browser based access, and integrates these remote and offline locations with the central main server by periodic data synchronization. The system is customized as per the workflow and business processes of an organization. //break Enterprise solutions include business processes and functionalities like MRP (Material Resource Planning), shop floor management, made to order, made to stock, made to design, production planning system, BOM (Bill of Material), end to end order status and shipment tracking, billing / invoicing, invoice tracking and payments reconcilation, supplier / vendor management system (VMS), purchase managment, inventory management and analysis, barcode handling, browser / internet based online integrated software, business management software, inventory software solution, database inventory application, logistics software, billing software, HR, stocks, business analysis / BI, integrated OLAP based reports, reporting tool that allow drill down and slice and dice, touch screen POS terminals / machines, etc. //break This is apart from the various Simext BizInt integrated systems that include supply chain management ( SCM ), warehouse management system ( WMS ), third party logistics system (3PL system), distribution, inventory planning and control, retail point of sale ( POS - Simext BizIntLite POS ), manufacturing execution system ( MES ), manufacturing planning and control / production planning and control ( PPC ), enterprise resource planning ( ERP ), customer relationship management ( CRM ) //break In a simple and focused manner, we deliver business value and achieve the overall objectives / goals of our clients. Multiple languages (international languages) are supported ensuring a single complete integrated solution. The ready / out of box systems are simple, easy, flexible and cost effective. These efficient and effective systems cater to the needs of small, medium sized and big companies. They are easy to use and easy to learn. //break Retail formats that are catered to by the retail management solutions include various retail chains, restaurants, super markets, showrooms, retail outlets, stores, shops, hypermarkets, large format retail / LFR, super bazaars, franchises / franchisee, etc. Some sectors / verticals include consumer durables, electronics, garments / apparel / textile, food and beverages, clinic, hospitals, pharmacies / medical pharmacy / chemists, accessories, shoes, mobile stores, consumer goods, readymade items, paint, plastics, hi-tech, electricals, devices, spa, gymnasiums / gym, health clubs, sports club, membership / subscription based retail format, grocery, fast food, pizza, petrol pumps, general trader and dealers, auto, parts, spares, auto spare Parts, ayurvedic shops, bakery and sweet shops, beauty parlour, hair saloon, book store, stationery shops, computer cardware, departmental stores, jewelry, fashion jewellery, footwear shops, furniture shops, gift items, fancy item stores, glass stores, crockery shops, hardware, general store, building materials, construction and real estate, leisure stores, liquor shops, luggage and bag shops, music store, CD's / VCD / DVD's rental, optical showrooms, photo studio's, sports showrooms, surgical shops, textile shops, toy showrooms, tyre shops, vegetable / fruit shops, utensils, household articles, white goods, household appliances, products, industrial, services, retail, FMCG, non durables, etc.